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Your Hometown Orthodontic Treamtent

Dr. Killian's provides top-of-the-line services in Carlisle, PA. Dr. Killian specializes in diagnosing and treating misaligned bites and crowded, irregular teeth. He also helps prevent tooth alignment difficulties from developing. The result is a better-looking smile and healthier teeth.

Causes of Orthodontic Problems

A number of circumstances can lead to dental problems that require orthodontic care. Genetics play a role; if your parents had misaligned bites, crooked teeth or irregularly spaced teeth, they may have passed those traits on to you.

An irregular shifting of teeth can also be caused by a childhood thumb-sucking habit. Dr. Killian may suggest your child wear a thumb guard, which covers the thumb and prevents a seal forming between the thumb and the lips. This prevents suction, reducing the pleasure the child receives from thumb-sucking.

Other causes of orthodontic problems include premature tooth loss and trauma. Some people appear to have even teeth, but the upper and lower jaw don't meet properly, causing a misaligned bite that can damage teeth and interfere with chewing or talking. Dr. Killian can treat all these conditions.

The Benefits of Seeing Dr. Killian

You get a straighter, more attractive smile from visiting Dr. Killian … but that's only one advantage. Crowded teeth are difficult to clean. Unless treated, irregularly spaced teeth are more at risk of plaque buildup, tooth decay, infections and tooth loss.

Braces, Retainers and Fastbraces®

Braces, or orthodontic appliances, have become almost synonymous with orthodontic treatments. Braces place pressure on the teeth, moving them into correct alignment. Some braces are fixed and can only be removed by a doctor that can provide surgery or orthodontic treatments. Others are removable and can be taken out by the patient.

Orthodontic treatment usually starts at age 8 to 14 when the jaw is still growing and pliable. Adults can also benefit from braces, although the process takes longer than for children, and some adult orthodontic problems require treatment other than braces.

Traditional braces take 1 to 3 years to move teeth to their correct positions. Fastbraces®, developed by a Texan orthodontist, can correct teeth in as little as 3 to 12 months. Dr. Killian offers Fastbraces® as part of our complete line of top-notch dental services.

After braces realign teeth, you need to wear a retainer that holds the teeth in their new positions. Retainers are worn until the teeth settle into their new alignment.

Other Orthodontic Treatment

In addition to braces, Fastbraces®, retainers and thumb guards, Dr. Killian may treat dental problems with palatal expanders and occlusal guards. A palatal expander widens the upper jaw, bringing the upper jaw into alignment with the lower jaw.

Dr. Killian can also treat jaw dysfunction using occlusal guards as mouthpieces. You wear the guard at night to prevent tooth enamel damage and premature wear and tear caused by jaw pressure or tooth grinding.

Orthodontic Treatment Services in Carlisle, PA

Dr. Killian provides orthodontic treatment with a focus on patient comfort. Children are often nervous and unsure about orthodontic treatment. Receiving orthodontic care from their family dentist is more likely to put them at ease than meeting a new specialist. Plus, we offer the most modern procedures available. For instance, Dr. Killian's use of Fastbraces® means children spend as little time in braces as possible — a benefit any teenager will appreciate. Contact us today.