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We supply a wide range of denture services to residents of Carlisle, PA and the surrounding areas. While people often think of "false teeth" as a dental service for the elderly, people of all ages may find themselves in need of dentures. Oral disease, tooth decay and physical injury can all lead to the loss of teeth.

Types of Dentures

Denture sets come in three basic varieties: full, implant retained dentures and partial.

Full dentures describe a completely artificial set of teeth, usually made of gum-colored acrylic bases with supporting metal framework. The teeth themselves are made of either acrylic or porcelain, and suction holds the base in place.

Implant retained dentures are also a full set of dentures, but instead of using suction, they are surgically implanted in the jawbone. Implant retained denture devices are more stable than dentures secured by suction, but are only an option if you have sufficient jawbone structure.

A partial denture replaces a smaller area of teeth, and the base is secured to surviving teeth with clips or attachments. Partial dentures are an option when there are healthy teeth near the hole left by lost teeth. Surviving teeth are often crowned for extra protection.

Denture Benefits

Eating without teeth is a frustrating challenge. Without teeth, many of life's most enjoyable foods become impossible to eat. Denture sets restore your ability to eat properly.

In addition to eating properly, dentures also improve how you speak. Even the loss of a few teeth can affect how you pronounce words. Think back to when you lost your front baby teeth: chances are you whistled or lisped a little when you talked. When we speak the flow of air over our teeth affects how we sound. Lost teeth also make it difficult to position the tongue to make certain sounds. A good set of dentures makes a big difference in how you sound.

Besides eating and speaking, our looks also suffer when we lose teeth. A full set of teeth supports the facial muscles. Without that support, the facial muscles begin to sag, making you look older than you actually are. Dentures provide new support, revitalizing your facial appearance.

Living with your New Dentures

You may find you need time to get used to new dentures. Even a partial set of dentures can feel heavy and unwieldy at first. As time passes, you will grow accustomed to the feeling and learn how to quickly insert and remove dentures when needed.

In the first few weeks of denture use, you may also develop sore areas on your gums. This is quite common, and it means the dentures need a slight adjustment. Come to the office for those adjustments — don't try to adjust the dentures yourself. You can easily make the situation worse or break delicate metal or acrylic pieces.

When you start eating with a new denture set, choose soft foods at first and cut the food into small pieces. Chew on both sides of the mouth to help the jaw muscles adjust to the dentures. Very hard or sticky foods are best avoided.

Losing teeth is distressing. If you're in the Carlisle, PA area and suffer from lost teeth, we offer a wide variety of dental services that can help. Most dental insurance plans cover some or all costs associated with denture services.

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