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Quadrant Dental Services

If you require dental services for two or more adjoining teeth, you should consider the many advantages of quadrant dentistry. Instead of treating each tooth individually, quadrant dental services work on a set of teeth at once, reducing the number of appointments needed to complete dental work.

What is Quadrant Dentistry?

Dr. Killian divides the mouth into four quarters, or quadrants: the upper left, lower left, upper right, and lower right. Quadrant dentistry restores all the teeth in a quadrant at a time. The result is stable, longer-lasting tooth restoration.

Quadrant dentistry works well when several adjacent teeth need old fillings replaced, either for functional or aesthetic reasons. Over time, old amalgam fillings loosen or fall out, resulting in tooth decay and an increased risk of tooth fractures.

An old amalgam filing also darkens with age. Never the most pleasing type of tooth filling, an old silver amalgam filling will darken to the point it appears black. You need fillings that protect the teeth without compromising tooth appearance. Quadrant dentistry offers the ability to replace multiple fillings at once.

Quadrant dental services can also address bite problems. Working on individual teeth only allows Dr. Killian to work on the alignment between that tooth and its partner in the quadrant above or below it.

Advantages of Quadrant Dental Services

Quadrant dental services provide a number of benefits. Teeth restored using quadrant dentistry fit and align better. Teeth restored using quadrant dental services are also easier to clean and maintain.

Quadrant dentistry means less time in the dentist's chair. No matter how friendly or personable your dentist (and Dr. Killian is the friendliest dentist in Carlisle, PA), nobody wants to spend more time in the dentist's chair than they absolutely need.

Here's how quadrant dental services reduces your time at our office. Let's say you need four adjacent fillings replaced. Using traditional dental services, you would need three separate dental appointments, or four separate disruptions of your schedule and time off from work or school. Each appointment would require local anesthetic, an uncomfortable experience.

Quadrant dental service reduces your time in Dr. Killian's chair to one or two appointments, meaning less time lost, less anesthetic administration and less discomfort. The final tooth restoration will last longer than if each tooth were repaired separately.

Quadrant dentistry also means cost savings for our office, savings we can pass onto our patients. Procedures take less time, less materials and anesthetic are used, and labor costs are reduced. Longer-lasting teeth mean happier patients who need less restorative dental work, a result that conscientious dentists like Dr. Killian appreciate.

Quadrant Dental Services in Carlisle, PA

We offer quadrant dental service in Carlisle, PA. Dr. Killian provides the latest in dental services and is committed to restoring teeth to their natural state. With quadrant dental service, you spend less time in his chair and leave the office with stronger, healthier teeth.

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