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Dental Services in Carlisle, PA: Routine Exams, Dental X-rays and More

Carlisle, PA residents receive a wide range of dental services at our office including quadrant dentistry, bonding and more.. In addition to regular exams and dental x-rays, Dr. Killian provides orthodontics, dentures, cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.

Routine Dental Services and Fillings

Routine dental exams are the backbone of any healthy dental plan. Most people only need to schedule dental exams once a year, with teeth cleanings every six months. As part of your dental service, you'll periodically need dental x-rays to check for early signs of tooth problems that cannot be seen during a physical exam.

If your dental exam reveals cavities or minor tooth fractures, you may need fillings. Filling materials include traditional silver amalgam fillings and composite fillings, which protect your teeth while blending with your natural color.


Dr. Killian also offers orthodontic services in-office. A referral to an orthodontic specialist takes time to set up, and you're at the mercy of the specialist when the appointment time and date is set. At Dr. Killian's office, you can schedule orthodontic work as part of your regular dental schedule.

Dr. Killian provides traditional and state-of-the-art orthodontic services that will improve your oral health and appearance. At our office, you can enjoy one of the latest advancements in teeth straightening: Fastbraces®. Fastbraces® straighten teeth faster than traditional orthodontics. No one wants to wear braces for longer than is absolutely necessary, and with Fastbraces® you don't have too. Make an appointment to see if Fastbraces® are right for you


If you need dentures, Dr. Killian has you covered. In addition to partial dentures, you may want to consider implant retained dentures. Suction holds traditional dentures in place, which can make chewing difficult and cause embarrassingly loose dentures. Implant retained dentures are held in place by dental attachments, offering more secure dentures that help you chew and talk naturally.

Oral Surgery

If a tooth becomes seriously infected or damaged you may require oral surgery. A root canal can save a badly decayed tooth by removing the nerve and pulp from the tooth. After removal, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed with a crown. If you're concerned with dental appearance, porcelain crowns are a great option because they match the color of your surrounding teeth while offering tooth protection.

If a tooth is damaged beyond saving, it may need extracting. Once extracted, the gap can be filled with a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a false tooth supported by crowns on the teeth on either side of the false tooth.

Although the need for dental bridges usually occurs due to problems that have developed over the years, dental bridges are often necessary after a tooth is lost due to trauma. However, with quick emergency oral surgery, a chipped or broken tooth can often be saved. In some cases emergency dental services can save a tooth even if it's been knocked out of its socket.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Having functional, healthy teeth is the main goal of our dental service. Appearance also matters, however, which is why our dental services include cosmetic procedures as well. At our offices you can receive a wide range of cosmetic dental services, from bleaching and teeth whitening to cosmetic veneers and full mouth reconstruction.

Whether you need routine dental service, dental x-rays or complex oral surgery, our friendly and talented staff stands ready to help you find the best solutions to your dental needs.