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Oral Surgery: Tooth Extractions and other Dental Services

Oral surgery is a specialized area of dentistry that diagnoses and treats disease and injuries of hard and soft tissue in the mouth, gums, jaws, neck and head. Dr. Killian offers top-notch oral surgery services that restore the health of your mouth and give you the confidence to smile.

Root Canals

A decayed or infected tooth may require a root canal. Dental x-rays reveal the location of root canal within the tooth.

The procedure removes decay and bacteria from the root canal, a natural cavity within the tooth that contains the tooth's nerve. During the root canal, the nerve and surrounding pulp are also removed. Once Dr. Killian removes debris from the tooth cavity, the tooth is sealed and, if necessary, crowned for protection.

Tooth Extraction and Wisdom Teeth

Dentistry focuses on restoring teeth to their natural state, but sometimes that simply isn't possible. A badly damaged or decayed tooth may need to be removed from the jaw. Depending on how many teeth need to be removed, the tooth extraction requires either a local or general anesthetic.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common oral surgical procedure. Wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to emerge from the gums and are often misaligned. They can also become impacted between the jaw and gum, causing swelling and pain. If a wisdom tooth erupts through the gum line, it can be removed like another tooth extraction. If the tooth is impacted, however, Dr. Killian must make an incision in the gum and remove the layer of bone covering the tooth.

Dental Implants and Dentures

After a tooth extraction, you may be left with an unsightly gap in your teeth. Over time neighboring teeth can drift into this gap, resulting in a misaligned bite. Dental restorations, such as bridgework, are one solution. You can also have the tooth replaced using dental implants.

A dental implant is surgically attached to the jawbone. Once the implant heals and fuses to the surrounding bone, Dr. Killian mounts an artificial tooth onto the implant. The result is a more cosmetically pleasing tooth restoration than a dental bridge.

Dental implants are also used when people need dentures. The dentures attach to the implants, offering a more stable fit than traditional dentures, which can move within the mouth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction restores function to the entire mouth by working with all teeth simultaneously. One of the most involved surgical dental services, full mouth reconstruction may be necessary after tooth-injuring facial trauma, widespread tooth decay, long-term teeth grinding or misaligned bites cause jaw pain, headaches or sore facial and neck muscles.

Emergency Dental Service

Sometimes the unexpected happens: a car crash, a wildly thrown baseball, a face-first fall onto concrete. Such events can cause tooth injury or facial trauma that require emergency attention. Immediate dental service is key because it can minimize the damage caused by sudden injuries.

Surgical Dental Service in Carlisle, PA

Dr. Killian offers oral surgical services to Carlisle, PA and the surrounding areas. Dental surgery is a specialized trade, requiring top-notch skills and ongoing education. Dr. Killian continuously upgrades his skills through training seminars and continuing education.

The right dental service can significantly improve your teeth's appearance, strength and durability. However, the idea of oral surgery frightens some people, especially children. The staff at Dr. Killian's office understands this, and we work closely with patients to put them at ease.

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