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Dental Services: Fillings

Fillings are perhaps the most common dental service required. Fillings treat a number of dental problems, including cavities, tooth fractures, and other forms of tooth damage. Fillings can also decrease or eliminate tooth sensitivity caused by enamel loss.

Filling a Tooth

Once Dr. Killian determines you need a filling, you may need a dental x-ray to determine the extent and exact location of any tooth damage. Depending on the dental service you need, you may receive local anesthetic or sedation during your filling appointment. If you require sedation, please remember that you will be unable to drive after the appointment.

Dr. Killian will prepare the filling site and surrounding area by removing any decay or debris with a handpiece. The area is then cleaned to remove any remaining particles or bacteria. Your tooth will be isolated with dental equipment to keep it dry, as moisture interferes with the filling process and can introduce infection.

Then, Dr. Killian will add the filing material to the tooth. If the area to be filled is near the tooth root, a shielding material may be added before filling to protect the root. Once the tooth is filled, he'll smooth and finish the filling surface.

You may experience tooth sensitivity for one or two weeks after your appointment. Cold, sweet foods, air or biting down may trigger sensitivity. This is normal and should subside after two weeks. If you continue to experience tooth sensitivity after two weeks, please contact us.

Fillings and Dental Services

Dental services include several types of fillings, composite materials, porcelain and gold. Composite fillings are perhaps the most common filling type.

Composite fillings are tooth-colored resins. Dr. Killian adds the composite material in layers, drying each layer with a special light. Composite fillings match natural teeth color and need replacing every five to seven years. Gold and ceramic fillings are hardy, durable fillings well suited for molars.

Which type of filing you choose depends on your personal preference and your dentist's recommendation. Price also plays a factor. Dental insurance often does not cover the aesthetic dental services, such as composite fillings. Composite fillings require special equipment and materials, making them a more expensive dental service.

Emergency Dental Services

If you require emergency dental services in Carlisle, PA, we'll fit you in to receive a temporary filling. Complicated dental services, such as root canals, require more than one appointment, and temporary fillings are used to protect the tooth between appointments. A temporary filling only lasts a month or so until it can be replaced with a permanent filling.

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